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Three Ways To Save On Groceries

First off, I want to acknowledge how difficult it can be to make ends meet with the rising cost of literally everything. As a result of that, I've really had to fine tune my budget and saving every dollar counts.

I should preface that I have pretty specific caloric demands and care extensively about how I feel on a daily basis and have had a history of various stomach issues so I refuse to consume copious calorically dense and ultra processed foods.

Here are three tips that allow me to eat according to my health and fitness goals on a budget.

1. Go In With A Plan

Going grocery shopping with a game plan is not only a great way to ensure you save time but also imperative to spend money. This means going into the store with recipes in mind for the week. Strategizing what you're going to eat will not only help keep your budget in tact but also keep you on track for your health and fitness goals - whatever they may be.

2. Know Your Prices

This is a big one. Knowing your prices is crucial to keeping you on track with your budget. Have an acceptable range for what the item traditionally costs and find alternatives if necessary.

Now, not everyone has the luxury of travelling to several grocery stores to cherry pick the best prices for each item on your list so if you come across a deal on an item that's a staple for you, buy multiple. Which leads me into tip number 3.

3. Buy In Bulk

As previously mentioned, buy in bulk. Recently I've switched my grocery shopping from conventional grocery stores to Costco and it has been an absolute game changer. Buy quality freezer bags to help store whatever meat and veggies are left over after your cooking is all said and done. Just to put into perspective the difference in price, recently there have been photos floating around Twitter of the price of chicken breasts in Toronto, Canada; $37.03 for five chicken breasts

By comparison, I managed to acquire 10 chicken breasts for $30.85 at Costco. Massive savings.

I hope that these three tips serve you as well as they have I and demonstrate that you can eat according to your health and fitness goals and stick within your budget simultaneously.

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